The Campaign

The campaign to Break The Chain is a major push by animal campaigners across America, for a ban on the use of animals in traveling circuses.

Undercover investigations and scientific evidence show that given the circumstances of constant travel, limited facilities and pressure to make animals do things that they are unwilling to do, suffering and sometimes abuse is inevitable in U.S. traveling circuses.  With current-day understanding of the intelligence, environmental and emotional needs of other species, we have no excuse to treat them in a way that degrades a civilized, advanced society.

No one is saying ‘end circuses.’  Rather, let’s take animals out of circuses and let humans do the entertaining.

Animal Defenders International asks you to join the campaign to BREAK THE CHAIN in the United States, and help us create a national network of dedicated campaigners, determined on winning this issue.

Click here to send an automated email message to your Congressperson to ask them to support the Traveling Exotic Animal Protection Act, H.R. 3359.