Take Action

Please join us to Break The Chain in the United States, and help us create a national network of dedicated campaigners, determined to end the suffering of animals in circuses.

Support H.R. 3359, the Traveling Exotic Animal Protection Act, federal legislation introduced by Congressman Jim Moran which seeks to end the use of wild animals in traveling circuses. Click here to send an automated email message to your member of congress!  If you would like to write your own personalized letter, details including talking points and sample letters can be found here. Click here to find your member of Congress.

We are looking for individuals and groups of campaigners to join the BREAK THE CHAIN network, and we can help with–

  • Supplies of free leaflets and posters for demos, distribution of press releases for your events.
  • We will be alerting individuals and groups when we get information about circuses coming to town, and organizing publicity for events.
  • Supplies of leaflets for tabling, for distribution to local businesses, libraries, colleges, etc.
  • Media help:  Giving you saturation publicity in your area when the animal circus is coming to town, to publicize demos, or any event to raise awareness; this includes quotes from celebrity supporters, sending video to the media.  Our publicity team would ensure that you are at the front of your local media.
  • Help organize letter-writing and email drives for Congress District Offices;  when our lobbyists have meetings in Washington, we need local people to tell their member of Congress that the meeting is important!
  • Joint events – public showing of video and messages from our celebrities to ask people to join the movement to BREAK THE CHAIN.
  • Personal lobbying – we will be looking for campaigners to take with us to Washington from time to time, coming with us to see their member of Congress.

Click here to learn more about the history of The Traveling Exotic Animal Protection Act and get the latest news and updates.